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Monday, June 7, 2010

more allium - these from les photo archives

Little pesky things on the must do one day soon list.

Edit iphoto - I have nearly 12,000 photos dans my iphoto Yikes. Well over half of them, I'm quite sure, are trash worthy but on the flip side there are also many beauties lost in the heap.

Edit my stay box (to some others referred to as an In Box) seems emails have a tendency to lounge around in my In box indefinitely until there are so many in a fit of tidiness I over zealously begin deleting madly and inevitably delete important, should be saved emails. Sigh. A daily or weekly system is in order.

Vacuum - can you say pet hair ? and plenty of it ! I was going to say cat hair but it wouldn't be fair to blame solely les Chats. Missy D hates to be brushed and therefore contributes more than her fair share to the furriness that abounds here. My goodness there's a lot o' hair here at Black Street* and vacuuming could easily be daily chore (I mean fun thing to do - Uh Huh !) And I won't confess to how infrequently la vacuum actually does get dragged around these parts. Another housecleaning system perhaps ??

It's raining again. We've had a very long stretch of wet, wet chilly weather. The back yard fenced in area, our dog yard, has once again become a habitat for frogs and red winged blackbirds, the newly planted cattails (by the Prince of All Things Good) should be thriving. I love rain. I love dark, grey days because I always feel cozy and snug tucked away in this old brick house working away at some Creative Empire building, or safe and sound in the nest of down & flannel doing some guilt free reading with a mug of tea and/or seeing if I can't scratch a few of those pesky items off of my must do one day soon list. Happy Monday ! (Wink - can't believe I just said that).

Buddha boy
(Oliver) who's here on the desk with me says Hey there Scooter ! please get on home 'cause your Mama is very worried about you. Bulletin 5 - Oh big Phew !! He's home again ! Lil Scamp ! but Oh Hooray !!!

* If you've ever had the pleasure of receiving a packet in the mail from me I'm sure you've found a wee sample of our Black Street hair lovingly stuck to the packing tape.


  1. Beautiful allium photos. Tell me about the unedited photo thing. I am like a poster child for photo neglect.

  2. As much as I loved those dogs of ours, I sure don't miss all that doggy hair!

  3. hi fellow flyer! looking forward to learning more with you in Flying Lessons, Robin


    Pet hair, our greatest exports. Just in case you want to clone any of our pets.

    I love filing photos. Mainly because I can set up sub-categories like....purple pimp outfits, smoking monkeys, ugly food and dung beetles with human heads.

    Digital photography, the evolution of more. You're only limited by the size of your photo card.

  5. Hi, happy monday
    I have all of those three pesky things on my forever to do list too. I reckon if I delete ten photos a day, I'll be done in a few years time.

  6. Oh yea! I will look for dog hair soon. Haha


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