Saturday, June 5, 2010

allium reaching up hoping for a little sunshine dans la Black Street lushness

Things have erupted here in the terracotta gardens of Black Street.

Green things ... and every shade of green from citrus to ghostly pale and every shape of leaf from spiky and long to fat and perfectly round. The succession of blooming things have begun their annual parade of goodness and colour but the predominant colour is always green. Green, green, green ... and more green. The weather this early morning is steamy and warm, the ground has been soaked well by heavy rains off and on throughout the week and everything around us is lush and growing.

It's been one of those weeks - a week that has absolutely flown by me. How could it possibly be Saturday again already. Today I will rearrange annuals in faux terracotta window boxes (plastique) hot pinks and corals, purples and blue, blues with hints of white and trailing citrus green bits here and there. Vivid colours to pop in all this abounding greenness. I'll go to the farmers market (which opened again for the season 2 weeks ago). I'll tidy up and putter, work a bit on my Empire building, maybe read my current good book awhile with a big mug of tea ... and later on I'll prepare dinner - roasted vegetables, tossed with whole wheat pasta and freshly grated Parmesan cheese with a simple arugula salad. Sighing & only the best kind of sighs.


  1. such a lovely shade of purple, susan! your current read is now on my must-read list. i just finished the last child by john hart and loved it.

  2. Susan, that allium is stopping my heart it is such a beautiful shade of purple!!! I just know that 29 Black Street yard is heaven on earth.
    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  3. Hooray! That's all I can say. LOL Hooray!

  4. Isn't that a wonderful book that you're reading?!
    You must try Cutting for Stone next. I loved that one, too!

  5. Love the allium pictures. Your day sounds fantastic, and your book sounds great too. Cutting for Stone is top of my list (if it ever arrives from the library), but Kate Morton's books look like interesting reads too.

  6. Lovely! Makes me want to get out in the garden!


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