maybe not

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more oriental poppies, a favourite here at 29 Black Street

nepenthe - a drug or drink having the power to bring forgetfulness of sorrow or trouble

oh my how I'd like to have a little stash of you nepenthe ... or hmmmm ... maybe not

new {to me} word via Kelly's blog and why do I always forget about you - oh so beautiful french brackets


  1. Good morning! I love watching your garden unfold. You are about 2-3 weeks behind us, so it's like watching a re-run. My first day lilys are blooming and the annual poppies started a few days ago.

  2. ohhhh...i see your sweet Jake there on your sidebar...and i LOVE that house...all your little sweeties there ...i had a kitty named oliver too....

    teddy is bringing so much love and happiness to us after the heartbreak of losing my sweet, sweet Buddy....

    i also have my 3 kittys...whiskey sour my big boy..a huge seal point himalayan...dande rose little sweet blue cream tortie persian and little calico stray that i have been feeding every morning and evening out by the clothesline since she showed up September 1, 2008...she is mine now...

    and the first time i visit you and i see nepenthe..i live about 2 hours south of Big Sur...and there is a famous restaurant that makes you feel like you are sitting right over the pacific ocean...named nepenthe..

    have you ever heard of it or been there?

    so happy to be here today...
    sending love across the miles

    kary and all my sweeties

  3. Sometimes I'd like that drink too - and then sometimes I want to remember because the memory carries some poignancy or clarity or simply makes me feel washed clean at the end of it... and sometimes I can't handle the memory. And sometimes it's enough just to know that there is something out there that can make the pain go away for a bit when it reaches around my heart and squeezes...

  4. me some of the nepenthe, too!! :)


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