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Thursday, June 24, 2010

peonies, cut yesterday, from the terracotta gardens - a polaroid

I'm how you would say in between projects. Yikes. The self employed designer's least favourite time. It's almost impossible not to think Oh Oh ! this is it, I knew this was coming (in your best Eeyore voice) doom, gloom and very likely never, ever another high paying design job ever again. In the past I would often find this cloud of negativity so absolutely mesmerizing that with cloud in tow I would plod off (mentally) to lie in the needing-to-be-mowed grass for awhile or better still retreat in denial to the nest of down and cotton, fingers crossed, to read a good book praying to the patron saints of freelance designers in between chapters. Sigh. All the while asking myself Oh my, why did I decide to be a self employed solitary freelance designer ? - oh yeah, because I totally love it ! ... when I have work that is.

But ... this latest in between time, with the ongoing support & love of my two favourite people, the cowboy and best friend, coach and most recently wee zen master - that darn MLou, I have been using the time to do some serious rethinking and renovation of that ol' Creative Empire's weak, neglected and crumbling foundation. New blog portfolio website (coming soon), promotional resume/portfolio PDF's that I can whip off to potential new clients (until blog portfolio link is ready), and organizing, what I'd forgotten is a massive amount (nearly 9 years) of scanned archived illustration and design work ... etc ...

Perhaps the in between times will become good times.


  1. Hey...and don't forget your blog buddies...we're cheering you on as well! ha! My son found a cool place for his web app work on:

    Just thought I'd mention.
    Glad you have the support of good people. Rock on Susan!

  2. Beautiful pictures and neat post to go hand in hand with your positive thinking.
    Benny & Lily

  3. That first picture is absolutely beautiful and makes me very glad you still work with Polaroids.

    Now get to work.

  4. thanks Maggie ... and of course yes I do feel lots of love and support here. I'm afraid there is always a certain level of "blog" deception happenin' however which of course makes me feel tres guilty for some of that L&S as you see only the parts of me that I choose to show you.

    Ah ... those darn ol' lies of omission. Ya gotta watch them 'cause they can come back and bite you. That MLou "she" knows the whole darn unedited package ...

    thanks also for the portfolio site link. Back to CE building, honest.

  5. Oh man, are you really a "cat lady" and there's a whole nother house full of cats???

  6. 'zackly what I've been sayin' and trying to tell folks all along.... don't believe everything you read on a person's blog and on the other hand.... don't forget to read plenty into and in between all the lines!

    I personally know a few bloggers...and if I didn't know actually know them>?? I'd never guess who the hell they were in a kazillion years from the stuff I read on their blogs...

  7. Actually I think I'm mostly honest here ... often too much so but when it comes to the career side of life and those efforts, I do think I talk (and plan) a much better story (the Creative Empire building story that is) than perhaps I actual "do". It's really the only that part of my life, and the telling of it, that confuses me. It's where the line between blog and life gets tres fuzzy. Bottom line is I love the support and cheering ... so more please.

    That and Boy ! I sure do think "too much, too much of the time"

    And yes B. Shammy I am a cat lady (no to the 'nother house).

  8. Dude, four cats does not make you a cat lady....24 does.

  9. To all of this I say: YOU GO GIRL!
    MLou and Doug give great advice. You are gonna be FINE! Beautiful pictures, again!


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