what's better than ...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

more scenes from a near perfect life

oh my, I've been taking so many photographs ... easily filling up that ol' memory card daily
'tis the season I'm guessing, that and a feeling of overall inspiration - phew !

what's better than ...

• the wind • soft boiled eggs chopped up in a cup with butter, salt & pepper accompanied by ancient grains toast • living steps away from the ocean • the colour green, it's everywhere and oh the blooming • Missy D rolling and rubbing in the grass with a big huge grin on her face
• having the Prince of All Things Good home again safe and sound, words can't express how I feel about him, he's completely changed my life • the smell of salt air and seaweed • finding shards of well worn patterned pottery on the beach • Oliver - he is something else, he's a gem • that first big mug of coffee tucked into the nest of down & flannel • silver hair and tall moustaches
• just finishing a big, fat good read and deciding what book to read next • holding hands while sleeping • feeling safe & oh so happy • spending the upcoming weekend at MLou's beautiful house in the city (Missy D & I) and I'll take lots of photos I promise • sketching, the one big thing on my to-do list for today - Uh Huh ! ...

and I could go on and on.

So what's on your - What's better than ... list ?

a note - the feral boys BleetNess & Gus refused to sign their model release forms so no recent photos of them


  1. I always sigh at your breathtaking view of the sea. That new boardwalk is amazing. Your Starbucks mug looks familiar....WT drinks his coffee from an identical one every morning!

  2. gee thanks dear Willow - Missy D and I walk the same walk at least twice a day and it's never ever the same and there's always a new way to see it. I am very lucky 'cause I do live in heaven.
    And ... I do love my big fat Starbuck's mug.

  3. ...getting a phat package in the mail with the most amazing things in it (including the well worn beach pottery).

    I'm a lucky girl.

  4. seeing as I don't have an ocean...I must (and do) content myself with the antics of the robins, chickadees and finches in my bird bath and the burbling little fountain we got two years ago... .....

    and... perhaps a splash of Tia Maria in my morning coffee.....

    those Diva boys... not signing... worse than opera tenors or ballet dancers... ....

  5. hey Vee - you wild thing you - with your T. Maria and yes those "boys" they do have their tres antisocial (scaredy cat) reputation to uphold
    xo S & the Gang

  6. Susan, I look forward to reading your blog every day as it always brings a smile to my face. Your joy is nearly palpable all the way here in Colorado! Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a beautiful selection of photos. On my "what's better than" list today is...staying home instead of having to work today...and having time to read.x


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