Friday, June 4, 2010

an 8pm, sun setting, low tide stroll avec les chiens on our new harbour's edge boardwalk

I live in heaven ...

Uh Huh ! I really do

Happy, happy weekend !

Creative Empire building news, thoughts, ideas, plans, etc coming next week to a blog near you !
Merci !! Kelly Rae Roberts


  1. You inspire me. I love that you are living in heaven. I will be thinking about that all day, and seeing heaven all around me.

  2. yes! i look forward to inspirational discussions on CE's gotta build too!

  3. Chicory gives excellent CE Building advice. I would think she's also good at swift kicks in pants when needed to kickstart the Empire.

  4. Oh jeez, every time I think I can't smile any bigger over your posts, I do. Gorgeous photos, luscious living.


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