blue skies

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

frosty, salt mine, snow being blown on Water Street, a crow, a plane & all in blue, blue skies

Sell your cleverness
and buy bewilderment


record amounts of snow on the ground, not since 1986 have we had this depth of snow
conversations about ice damming heard in the grocery store, the hardware store, the post office
lots of sightings of men up high clearing snow from roofs
gigantic glacial icicles hanging from eaves everywhere
streets such a glare of ice Missy D & creep along
and a winter filled with more days of blue skies & sunshine than I can ever remember


  1. Blue skies, shinin' on me!

    Here, too! Our snow has FINally melted. In a way, I kinda hate to see it go.

  2. Holy Mackeral, love love love that first picture. (when do you ever hear me praise snow in any form???)

  3. Wow, gotta go with Shamy on this one, these pics (all of them for me) make the snow look sooooo gorgeous...

    Glad you're getting sun with all of that snow.

    LOVELOVELOVE the Rumi quote.

  4. OMG Willow, Shammy & MS thanks So much for leavin' a message. This poor blog has been feeling quite lonely lately.

    Off to check my tarotscope Amy :-)
    so happy to here that your sweeyies approved of my new kids art, lots more to come. xo S

  5. Susan, you just reminded me to check my own tarotscope!

    My littles love your blog every time I show them - but they loved seeing the process from drawing to painting for that children's painting. They LOVED it.

    I usually make you one of my stops for the day, and the last few weeks I've been so herky-jerky in my daily routine that I'd find myself reading 7 or 10 of your posts at once.

    I prefer it this way, a little Susan a day keeps the doctor away. LOL

  6. so sweet!
    MS + sweeties

  7. xoxo for Susan, the Prince, and the menagerie...

  8. Hi Susan, Beautiful intense. Love the Rumi...a state of mind we can all aspire to!

  9. Love the photos. Now I know that Nova Scotia isn't foggy. Must be New Brunswick !

  10. Angus, the foggy looking shot is taken from my second floor studio window and is not fog but the big tractor snow blower clearing Water Street. Woof to Wilf from Winnie.

  11. crisp as a peppermint stick. lovely

  12. Absolutely stunning photos! I love the first one of the trees.


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