a sunday

Monday, March 14, 2011

big beautiful Sam curled up in the red floral armchair in my office

A Sunday afternoon walk in a muddy hayfield,
hello again beautiful barn

Missy D, Sam & Doug in the field yesterday afternoon behind 9372 (Doug's former house)


  1. It is a beautiful barn. Did Doug build it? Sam does has a sweet face...not as sweet as Miss Winnie's but I'm kinda partial so don't take it personally Sam.

  2. Yes Shammy - he designed & built it to house a sailboat so it's a barn/boat house and I think it's such a beautiful building especially the windows & the gorgeous perfect shade of warm grey that matched the weathered cedar shingles so perfectly (he sold the sailboat last fall).

    Sam is a sweetie and you know I'm a tad partial too. Kisses to S & J. xo Missy Darn Dixon & S

  3. It is an incredibly handsome building. I think the person who bought the property is an extremely lucky person.

  4. Lovely to see Sam again - such a nice photo!

  5. Sam in a red armchair. An upbeat start to a new week.

  6. So glad you and Doug found each other.


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