Thursday, March 24, 2011

lilac blurr - Susan Black

Two of my favourite photos I'm having printed large - 16 x 20 then framed to 28 x 32 with a 6 inch off-white creamy smooth mat with matching creamy white, wood, museum profile frame.

I can't wait.

impatience riot - Susan Black


  1. Impatience riot. love that name. Very beautiful. Truth be told I thought the lilac blur was some exotic seaweed that had washed up on your shore.

  2. They will look stunning on your walls...if you are into canvas you should do some large museum raps (3") sides. Tail wags,

  3. Thanks Y'all & Moose I do love that thick canvas wrap idea for paintings or large illustrations but I guess I'm more traditional with photos and I love a large mat and simple mat matching wooden frame. I just think these are going to be gorgeous that big. Will take photos of them, perhaps on our chocolate brown walls (of course). xo Susan

  4. Excellent - lovely with the new entertainment center as well...

  5. They're gonna be beautiful all framed and matted!

  6. sounds great to me. I share your traditionalist approach to framing. lovely images too.

  7. I know I haven't told you lately, Susan, but your blog is my happy place. Even when you're sharing something sad and personal, a quick visit always makes me feel a bit better, connected. Thank you.


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