muskrats & moonlight

Sunday, March 20, 2011

this morning's tres beautiful, sun's just up & there's Spring in the air walk with my girl Missy D

Miss D got a whiff of ode de muskrat ('tis the season) coming from the watery ditch along the road we walk on each morning. It's so funny to watch her transform into the Terrier mix girl she is ... thank goodness (says Mr. Muskrat & me) for retractable leashes and martingale collars or she's be stomping around in knee deep water, huffin' & pantin' trying to oust her a muskrat. Believe me, we've been there ... plenty o' times and it ain't pretty.

A perfect clear sky over 29 Black Street last night & we were all dancing in the super moonlight.


  1. Lucky you - it was hazy here, and while the moon was bright, it wasn't terribly different from usual...

    Now a labrador wouldn't bother a muskrat - just give her a ball, though, and it's an entirely different story!

  2. hey sue;

    awsome moon here on the south shore last night, too. we toasted it w. a beer while hanging out w. the neighbours, their kids and their very snazzy telescope. woo-hoo!

    happy 1st day of spring!!

    xo - n

  3. Sorry Winnie, Momma says NO!

    And I am thankful there's no Muskrat Love video...

  4. still looks a bit chilly there Missy D
    Benny & Lily

  5. I thought for sure the link was to Muskrat Love! Hahahaha

    I didn't know there were real animals called muskrats.

  6. Your post sent me on a search to find the difference between a muskrat and a beaver, neither of which I'm familiar with here in Australia. I was suprised to read that muskrats and beavers are the only mammals that build their homes in the water. The info overlooked our platypus which,although a mammal, lays eggs too!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead Susan.xx


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