Thursday, March 10, 2011

oh my geraniums how I do love you - yesterday sunshine & chocolate brown bedrooms

shame, shame, shame
shame on you

Watched a 2 hour special on PBS with Bréne Brown The Gifts of Perfectionism yesterday. She spoke to me and I bet she would speak to you. About shame & vulnerability and a vision of a heart that's whole. That shame runs away from a heart that is whole, authentic & vulnerable.

I'm so sick + tired of living with shame, always stuck to me in layers of goo

I'm ordering her book The Gifts of Imperfection along with The Artist's Way this morning
here's a short video of Bréne Brown on shame, imperfection, vulnerability & whole heartedness


  1. the geraniums are just lovely. do tell how you manage to bring them in from outdoors in the fall and keep them blooming and healthy all winter. what a mood-lifting thing it must be to have them blooming and adding color during this loooooong winter. the photo above of you is so creative. love it!! as for shame, yes it weighs heavy on my heart. i may have to read the book as well.

  2. Hi Julie, I just bring them in, in their pot and/or take cuttings to root in big mason jars. Refresh the soil with some new stuff and a bit of bagged compost, place in sunny windows, a little miracle grow in their water every few weeks and big, gorgeous blooms all through the winter. These windowsills are on the south west side of our house so they get all the afternoon sun.

    Can you email me your address I have a little something I owe to you and I'd like to mail it
    xoxo Susan & les Gang

  3. interesting. I often tune into TED videos while i work. I will surely listen to this one too. The one about food with Jamie Oliver was excellent. lovely photos as always.


  4. Lovely photos, lovely you...

    thanks for the vid, I'll watch it later, sounds like something I could use...

  5. I don't get it, what do you feel shame about?

  6. What a great video/talk. I'm watching it and so thankful you put it up today. Lots of tears streaming down as I read this. Thanks so much. I may repost on my own blog if you don't mind since I have a different readership than you do...

  7. You know Susan, sometimes I think it starts from when people say with that sigh of exasperation "here, let ME" when you try to do something, and you just continue your life that way until you find your own world of "I am enough" and actually get kudos and recognition for it.
    Personally,the suprise in this is outstanding when standing in the shadow of inadequacy.
    God knows you of all people are not inadequate, and although vulnerable, it's good to know vulnerability is actually a good thing!
    I get where this talk you've featured is coming from, delivered with such humour. Loved it and learnt from it. and the geraniums are beautiful! Thanks so much.

  8. Shammy - Did you watch the video - everyone should ?

    Shame to me is never, ever feeling that I am "enough" - good enough, talented, enough, kind enough, loved enough. I think it begins in childhood if you come from home without enough love and/or security you grow up trying to create it for yourself ... and the bar of "enough" seems to always rise higher & higher no matter what. Perfectionism runs rampant in children of alcoholics because they are trying to take some control in a home life that is often chaotic, lacking both in love & safety. It's also where a lot of anxiety is born. If I worry "enough" I'll protect myself because no one else is protecting me.

    It was so revealing to me to hear Bréne use the word shame as it is a word I've whispered to myself for as long as I can remember. I've ordered the book. I'll hunt for more of her video's on TED and youtube.

    Shame holds you back, shame holds me back daily. xo S & les Gang

  9. I saw that video posted elsewhere a week or so ago and ordered both I Thought It Was Just Me and The Gifts of Imperfection - just started reading the first one - very interesting so far
    Nancy LeB in B'water


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