good morning

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

our backyard flowering crab from last spring ... I can hardly wait

We're all early birds here at Black Street. Our coffee maker, with a much loved timer, begins to gurgle and spurt at 5:30 am. The songbirds are back and they begin singing to us as we sip our first cup of coffee while still in tucked in bed, in darkness. Flannel sheets, cotton pillowcases, a cat, or two. The Prince and Sam head out first on their purposeful, fast paced walk around the streets of this village. Miss Dee & I follow soon after, our approach, camera in tow, is much more unplanned, zig zaggy, lingering & pondering. We don't rush, we have no agenda or time limit we just explore the early morning. This morning she and I walked again for the first time along the crescent beach with the red wing blackbirds keeping us company in the nearby marsh.

Back to soft boiled eggs, toast and an orange at my desk. Dee's in her bed under the TTD, Sam's in his big red arm chair, CBC radio 1 keeps us company, the Prince is downstairs talking to Gus & Oliver as he begins his day of restorative renovations & I have my Tuesday, Mapril 2 to-do list ;-)

it's a good morning

and oh my, heard in the grocery store yesterday - holy cow Phoebe ! - amazing
for that darn Prince cause he makes things alright


  1. lucky that your doesnt go home to see his wife, yeah yeah, see your wife.

  2. You need to come over and get yourself some Mapril Bacon. No, it's not turkey bacon but you'll only gain digital pounds which nobody sees anyway.

  3. What an amazing tree...I can understand your impatience!

  4. willow and i are enjoying our lazy morning together as well. bella and zoe have gone back to their other home for the week. sunshine here this morning and my heart is singing!

  5. Happy Mapril 2! I'm eating the leftovers of a Dutch Baby pancake with plenty of maple syrup in your honor.

  6. love that song :)
    what a great live version of it


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