bye. bye.

Monday, March 21, 2011

oh my, oh my, how many photos can one colour & flower obsessed gal take of her geraniums ?

I'm gonna confess March has not been my favourite month ... at all. I'm not sure why but I have struggled through these last 20 days, feeling sad, disappointed, frustrated, unsure, pissed off. You name an unattractive & counter productive emotion and it's been wrapped around me like favourite winter scarf. I'm officially ending March today ... and I'm thinking of the next 11 days, not only as the much anticipated early days of Spring but I've decided to unofficially call this a pre- April period. I think I'm good and ready to say a big Bye Bye to those darn Ids of March.

Uh huh ! can you say M. Id, Ego & Mrs. Supah Ego all hangin around & wreakin' freakin' havoc.
Bye. Bye.

After reading this morning's post MLou sent me this article about the motley crew, explaining a bit about the hows & whys of les Self Sabotaging Gang of (often) Invisible Thugs. Fascinating !


  1. How about we call it Maprile. Celebrate by having 11 days where you find a different use for maple every day. Like....maple glazed bacon???

  2. March is a very "blah" month, and I say "good riddance" to it!

  3. ooo those are really pretty :D great photos!

  4. It's a perfect day to leave March behind. It is Spring, after all!!

  5. Not long now. Then we're into April, and we can complain happily about the rain.....

  6. I'm all for this strategy! Especially if there is maple glazed bacon involved.

  7. You are kinda my hero~ess right now! Heh.
    Me too...

  8. Mapril ... I'm so diggin' it Shammy Sham, the Prince and I were shopping at the Super Store in the nearby town this morning and I got us some turkey bacon ... maple glazed turkey bacon. YUMmy ;-) xo S.

  9. Tres sunny & spring like here today perfect weather for the first day of Mapril. Merci sweet Dee ... very flattered am I. Now you go get your camera, get your Mapril groove on and take some more of those stunning photos of yours. xo S & Miss Dee


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