mr. personality

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monsieur, Monsieur, my Don Draper, Mr. Personality - sweet amazing Oliver

Love, love, LOVE this cat
most excellent, all round handiest cat & very best design + photography creative associate

Oliver, best cat ... ever

and speaking of 70's ... come on hands in the air, all together now - much more love

Hey hey hey,
Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day

Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, badu
Ba duda, badu, ba duda, badu
Ba duda, badu, ba duda


  1. Oh my, that calendar is beautiful.

    ....I guess the cat is too.......

    For a cat....

  2. I love, love, love Earth Wind and Fire! And Oliver is just adorable.

  3. I do remember! yikes those outfits - kinda forgot those! :)

  4. Oliver must make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

  5. Hi John, the thing about dear Oliver is he follows me wherever I go and he really does hang out with me all day, every day while I work. Unless of course the Prince needs him to consult on a handy cat home restoration, renovation or vintage motorcycle rebuild project. He is ... the absolute best cat.

  6. You have a beautiful 'Mr. Personality' there Susan.
    Did you enjoy the 70's?? I have so many cringeworthy memories from that era, including considering wedding invitations featuring the "love is..." couple who looked like they were straight out of preschool. Thank goodness I changed my mind. (The invites not the wedding, though I would have done better to change my mind on that too in retrospect!)
    Such warm and happy photos here.


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