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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rudy Hurzlmeier illustrations

A couple of days of mild temperatures and high winds and it's amazing how much melting has occurred. The mountains of ploughed snow around our village shrunk by half over the weekend and those damn ice dams - poof ! gone. Hooray ! We're dreaming of seeds, soil, lilacs & tulips and the Prince has plans to build us a petite fenced in raised cottage garden (inspiration below).
That is after he finishes his no-more-damn-ice-dams big time attic, eaves insulation project, he has great ideas & plus de plans to make this old brick house snug as a bug before next winter.

We're very inspired by Dani's backyard haven ... stop by and have a look at her magical gardens.


  1. I use that lovely garden as my (entirely imaginary) template too!

  2. pssssst

    $50 of seeds from renees garden for best kitty photo. YOU WILL WIN

  3. Oh, you have a lovely prince. Can't wait to see your raised plot garden! I've always wanted one.

  4. Chickory is right, you will win and it's about time that herd of cats starts making some scratch for their humble guardian.

  5. So sweet Susan! Thank you friend. :)


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