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Thursday, March 31, 2011

these embroidered illustrations are making the blog rounds - I spied them 1st at Poppytalk

Wow ! LOVE, love, l-o-v-e these and cannot wait to see more embroidered interpretations of Penguin classics - fantastic creative direction here and Jillian Tamaki's illustrations ... wow!
Read more about the process of creating these covers at her blog.

I have had a secret desire to embroider & applique (for years) and in fact just recently purchased 6 vintage wooden embroidery hoops from etsy seller Monkey Hugs to add to my ever growing collection of creative dreams really to come true. Actually it's been feeling lately like all my dreams are coming true. I'm having fun, we're having fun, dreamin' up brand new dreams.

Jillian Tamaki - Monster quilt


  1. I also have had a secret desire to embroider and applique. These are amazing!

  2. I saw this on the black apple and your designs would be SUPERB for this!
    Go for it!
    Tail wags to all.

  3. OOOOOO! Nice! Love the monster one, LOL

  4. Beautiful (sitting on hands to avoid getting my poor overstretched credit card out)!

  5. oh my these embroidered illustrations are breath-taking. i used to embroider a bit as a young girl. very relaxing!

  6. beautiful work and I know it is very time consuming since I do needlework and applique. Thanks for sharing Susan...XO

  7. I love these. I love the classics and I love embroidery. I too have a secret desire to sit around and embroider, just like Emma in her novel. I started an embroidery project when I was pregnant with my son, but never finished it. He is now 14!! I think about it everyday though. Does that count?!!?? hahaha... Thanks for stopping by my blog-can't wait to see the finished Love From Me book.


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