Monday, March 28, 2011

things I found on the beach 24/08/09 - sometimes I really do inspire my own self ;-)

I can't remember why I was wading around in my own blog archives yesterday, but I was. Looking at the images, so many beautiful scenes from our life captured by me & posted daily.
I'm so thankful for that, so thankful for this nearly 4 year old blog habit of mine. It's as if I wouldn't believe my own life if I couldn't see it here. A life filled most often with incredible daily beauty, personal struggles, goals, battling of beasts, dreams, sadness & loss - and growth and change, so much growth and change. It's quite amazing & very rewarding reading backward, especially some of the posts as I struggled to make or find or figure out a new life for myself & my animals. Missy D and I were so stuck together back then, stuck in our grief & missing the big red dog who we both loved so, of course she & I are still stuck - in a much happier, content way.


things I wrote back then

I will sell this house ... (we're in the process of flipping this old brick house)
I will be free of all this overwhelming upkeep, maintenance and debt.
I will have a brand new tiny life with an oh so giant heart ... sigh. √√√√
I will be queen of my own little creative empire. (sort of ... gettin' there)

and speaking of stuck, how could I have even imagined the oh so giant heart I'd have
I honestly never believed I'd ever love a human being like this, like this big ol' heart full of love
& for you - the song which will be stuck in your mind all day long ... guaranteed

There you go making my heart beat again
Heart beat again, heart beat again



  1. Horseshoe Crab egg pods, sweet.

    Big love baby, believe.

  2. I love when you post your beach treasures. Love how your dreams are coming true.

  3. I love them egg pods Shammy Sham ! and bon jour Tess sometimes I forget to pinch myself again ... I felt so lost back then. Trying to keep myself "up" was such a struggle. Pinch ! sweet pinch !

  4. I have been visiting here for a long time, and I love seeing the happiness and contentment.
    Your gift of sea glass started me on a hobby of collecting it, and I love it.

  5. I found your blog today :)
    Love your beach treasures...great stuff! I'm a collector also...I collect far too many things, but I love it to pick up things from the street. Stones, feathers, washers, bottle caps and similar things, but I am especially drawn to rusty and grungy stuff. I'm always looking at the ground wherever I go, hoping to see something interesting to incorporate in my art work.

    Happy Spring,

  6. The one thing i don't like about this post is the selling of the house.
    I love that house. its filled with a lot memories. I will have to visit before you actually do sell. But i'm secretly hoping after you do all the renos you will love it and stay :)

    love you xoxo


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