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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

vintage red wing blackbird prints from etsy shops Vintage Paper Works & Holcroft

Their back. A tree full (8) of red winged blackbirds greeted Miss D and I early this morning as the sun was just coming up. Their chorus so distinct ... now we're looking out for the grackels.

a much needed good omen

red wing blackbirds this early morning in a huge poplar tree on Black Street


  1. Not too many red wings in my neighborhood. However if I drive out to the more rural lands I see tons of them. They are quite the singers.

    Happy Red Wing Return Day!!!

  2. hey sue;

    lots of grackles here on the south shore - those giant swarms of them that land and take off as one body (the coolest thing to watch).

    but then, we have absolutely no snow left - just plenty of dead yellow grass and lots of WIND - so they can forage.

    no redwings yet, but i did note that the chickadees have switched over to their spring calls - cheeky little buggers!

    o, how i miss maple syrup season at home this time of year...

    xo - n

  3. Red winged blackbirds. Why is it other peoples wildlife always sounds so exotic ? As for grackles - you'll have to post a photo of them for us foreigners. Thought of you when I picked up a book of poetry by Elizabeth Bishop in which she writes about Nova Scotia houses all being the same colour .

  4. Norman perhaps you're seeing flocks of starlings ?? I think it's early yet for the return of the grackels and Angus if you click on the red word "grackel" you'll link to info at a fantastic bird set from Cornell U.

    Our snow's all gone as well. Amazing because we had mountains of it.

  5. Yep, you're right Sue - they're starlings, all right. European Starlings, to be precise. Which (according to Wikipedia) are an introduced species - as recently as 1915!

    I've always gotten them mixed up w. grackles, but I should have realised that grackles have that peculiar "grating" whistle, and I haven't heard that yet this year.

  6. Hey N. yes grackles also are "very" chatty and they have those beautiful iridescent blue black feathers. They nest in a few places in our yard and freak out when the big fat (couldn't care less about their babies) BleetNess is out plodding around the yard xo S.

  7. Same thing here Susan. After a long, hard winter, we wait for the first chipmunk, red winged blackbird, and grackle. Then we know Spring is starting. And eventually the nutty, fearless red squirrel will make an appearance. It's like this year after year.


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