Friday, March 25, 2011

it's not like I didn't warn you - many more fabulous, vivid red, geranium blossoms - hooray !

We're having a petite relapse of wintry weather. It's snowing sideways, fast & furious, tiny flakes and the ground is white yet again. The fire's been stoked, the coffee poured ... now it's time to bundle up in my fleece and down and take Missy D & Samuel out for our morning adventure. Happy Friday.

two of the best songs ever ...


  1. Oohhhhhh red flowers, Tracy Chapman (agree one of the best songs evahhhh) - and snowing sideways while walking the dogs. What a combo.

    I'm up in the middle of the night so I get to comment first here, woot!

    Hope you're inside and warm again soon...

  2. I do believe a geranium is in my future...She keeps giving you love doesn't she? Lovely...

    Tracy Chapman I love...Fast Car, Give me one Reason {sadly an anthem of mine...}, The Promise {cry every time...}, etc. Her voice is so rich, so timeless...

    Have a Wonderful Spring day! ;)

  3. She sure does give me the love and I love her right back.

    Oh my the other fantastic song, a sad anthem in my life ... Baby Can I Hold You ... genius.

  4. I want a ticket to anywhere...
    Anyplace is better

    big ol' heavy sigh

  5. bonjour Chez ! I know ...
    big ol' tres heavy sigh


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