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Monday, February 27, 2012

archives - early morning's way out on the point - so beautiful yet I never go there anymore

Thinking about walking those beaches, imagining walking in the place where so much of my heart lives still makes me feel weak. It's feels like if I walked there now, even with Winnie, I would somehow be erasing those piles of memories & love that live there, that could live on forever - it's weird I'll admit. Sometimes you just can't go back you must keep moving forward
making new memories in new places while cherishing all the old. I am forever grateful that those days, those walks, that life is documented so completely on this blog - my accidental net of memory & love. of life.

Sometime over the past weekend I know I told myself

You can do anything ! Anything you want to.
So dream big, aim big ... big as can be.

I still believe it's true, though I'm not in that same confident state of mind this morning. Hence the rambling. I do know it is true. I know I tell myself that I can't do lots of things, that I'm not good at lots of things. But it's not true. There are things I don't like or want to do that's different.

I have some very big goals this year. big, big
I promise to share them soon


  1. just remember - it takes a lot of littles to make a big.

    xo n

  2. The photos of big, big skies are perfect for big, big dreams. I'm with n, lots of little bites make a meal.

  3. Crashing waves. love that.

    Trying to believe the same as you. Tough right now.


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