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Saturday, February 25, 2012

more scenes from Miss Winnie Dixon & my recent adventures - she's always with me (heart)

listening : audio books The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern Don't Bite the Hook Pema Chodran
cooking : chili (with ground chicken & lots o' beans) & corny corn bread - Johnny Cake
drinking : artificially flavoured coffee what's up with that ? I'm kinda hooked
eating : fresh strawberries (from a very long way away) + the best gingersnaps
pondering : the re-branding of me (finally) & new 29 Black Street web site launch - April 2
drawing: christmas ornaments (a freelance job) & cat stuff (my own thing)
baking : gearing up to try making my own chewy french style baguettes (recipes anyone ?)
reading : The Grief of Others & A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman (short stories)
watching : Rachel Zoe Project (on my computer youtube) I die - I'm obsessed with her + LA
catching up : emails & postal packages & snail mail (you know who you are - you waiting ones)
walking : at 1 pm around this little village again with Winnie, Sam, Maggie Sue & Deb

so ... what's on your list ?
happy weekend


  1. Those are some serious wintery photos. Not too far south from you, earlier this week I saw in my backyard the first grackles of the season and today a red-winged blackbird. So Spring is coming now, and for you not too long from now.

    Have a great weekend Susan!

  2. the list (so far today) includes:
    - fresh pineapple w. yoghurt, maple syrup & wheat germ
    - CBC radio's "The House" (a weekend must)
    - an amazing walk to the Bulk Barn on our favourite route (under the parkade along the LaHave and across the old bridge) with my daughter
    - finding a basketball (!) on the riverbank and playing soccer with it
    - leftover Chinese takeout for lunch

    waiting 'til allyson gets home from the farmers' market so i can finish painting the island i'm building for the kitchen. always something!

    have a great rest-of-weekend! xo n

  3. OMG. I am going to use your post today as a prompt for my own. Second time in a week you have inspired one of my posts.

    Also, I know you are So. Freakin. Over. the snow and stuff, but over here we are way jealous of it. We have the gray skies, but they come with rain and mud. If it ever lightens up I'll show you some off-the-chart Hawaii blues and greens. Even though my pics will never do them real justice.

  4. hooray grackles & red winged black birds !! n. & a lovely list it 'tis - I didn't see you as a serious Canadian politico type, not a "the House" type anyway (I do listen to it but only half- heartedly waiting for 10 am & "Day 6" to begin my serious Saturday CBC listening. & MS ya know as winter's go - this one has been really very easy - lots of mild warm days, lots of sunshine & a sensible amount of snow - pretty close to perfect !

    xo S + Gang

  5. Great fotos ... I especially like the one of your office "supervisor". Was it windy in your area today - it certainly was in Summerside (50-70 km). Perhaps the wind, like the robins I saw yesterday, is a harbinger of an early spring:)

  6. Hi Eunice ! yes very windy here ! I just heard on the news that the highway between Nova Scotia & New Brunswick across the Tantramar Marsh was closed because 2 separate transfers were flipped by the wind - no one was seriously hurt thankfully.
    The sky early this morning was black, stormy wish rushing clouds - a rare morning without my camera ;-(

  7. I'm having a lazy weekend, still recovering from a slight infection, sleeping and drinking tea. I love visiting you here, lovely photos and lovely pets. I especially like your "Little bird night owl" work, and seeing how you put the layers together.

  8. Going to the seaside with the best baby girl and her Mummy. Drinking smoothies because they are good for me. Filling in forms that will let me come back and live in Nova Scotia where I was born. That's all I've been doing!
    Love printer kitty.


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