Thursday, February 16, 2012

the Prince gave me red flowers for Valentines Day - tres sweet & totally unexpected

carnations & cheap milk chocolate - Bonjour !! one of the fastest routes to this girl's heart.

Virgil (the cat formerly known as Gus) has removed every blossom & every spray of baby's breath from the bouquet and moved them to the floor at least 6 times now. Not sure what's up with this little floral obsession of his but it get's on my last nerve just a tad. I know if I want to photograph flowers ever inside I have to do it quickly before any blooms get chewed, dragged around, stepped on, covered with cat hair etc... + if the vase is clear he'll knock the whole thing over water & flowers - lovely - apparently he does not like the site of stems dans aqua ?? sighing

Last night after a long session of procrastination & whinging I tidied up my office/desk. Oh my hallelujah to that. Why do I drag my feet so with that particular task when it feels so good doing it (she's says with surprise & alarm). And once it's tidied, well good morning to you tidy office. Lets have a great productive day. It's a little lick and a promise tidy. Surface tidy because my head swims at the thought of how-to masterfully, sensibly & most efficiently store the growing amount of stuff that's all a part of my seedling Creative Empire - art supplies, reference material, books, tons o' vintage papers & tissue paper, sketchbooks, packaging supplies, filing erggggggh.
I really would like a super sensible system of organization but at this moment I have no idea what that would be. In the process of tidying up last night I was reminded of my jh status - junior hoarder - a weird mix of somewhat admirable, eco-conscious "can't throw that out-ness" combined with a pure & often inappropriate attachment to the most banal & mundane items.

My current 2 fav things to j hoard - card stock/kraft cardboard & bubble wrap - I proudly can say I have all the various sizes of bubble wrap from the extra large air filled bubble to the teeny tiny itty bitty bubble - what a thrill ! I know I will have a use for it one day. I know it!


  1. Love having a tidy desk, hate tidying my desk. But when I do the chore, I feel 10 feet tall. Seems to be my life's work. Fleurs from your man are very nice.

  2. Ha - you had me at "junior hoard." ROFL

  3. Much as I love (well, adore) cats, they do have some nasty habits.....

  4. I suspect Virgil fancies himself an occasional florist ?? that & the feline regurge - yikes!! xos

  5. clean desk, messy mind
    or messy desk clean mind, if you could just get to choose, but oh it does not work that way
    messy minds are kinda alright though, don't ya think

  6. My cats like to bat the odd tulip. Sometimes with spectacular results. The only flowers in our house this Valentine's day were bought by my good self....


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