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Thursday, February 23, 2012

more scenes from an east coast February

Kelly Rae Roberts
* on anxiety - I relate - my big issue is worrying that I'm forgetting
something I feel I'm moving at a pace that's way faster than the manufacturer's suggested speed
way faster !

* as far as a creative empire mentor I can't think of a better person - I love how she's documented the highlights & the lows of her creative journey - very encouraging, tres inspiring


  1. Moving too fast? Interesting. I always feel like I'm moving too slow. Most likely we both move at a pace is suited for us and we just don't realize it.

  2. Kelly Rae's post is's good to know we all have to ride the anxiety rollercoaster.

  3. Hi I am just getting acquainted with Kelly Rae...her blog and her book. Looks interesting.

    I loved your post on creativity on Deanne Fitzpatrick's blog the other day.

    I always thought a pet free home was an important item to put in your profile/tag line/description line on Etsy for people who suffer from severe allergies. I myself, am, unfortunately, allergic to cats (whom I love), and have had problems with asthma related to their presence, either in person or otherwise. So I always include it in my description, tag line, profile. Is there a better way to alert allergy/asthma sufferers that they need not worry about my products in that regard?

  4. oh Jean I certainly didn't mean to offend. I just get a kick, as I package my things in a constant cloud of pet (mostly cat) hair, & wonder always should my shop have a warning.

    "Your order will no doubt include various pet hairs - no extra charge". I don't know if people suffer from things produced in a home with pets - good question ?? What kind of products are you selling ? I'm thinking non paper goods such as wool, yarns & materials would perhaps hold cat allergens more - I honestly don't know & I've had no complaints (thankfully) about the bonus cat hairs I'm shipping out almost daily.

    Thanks for the comments re my post over at Deanne's - I'm starting to relax into that gig ;-) cheers, Susan & les Gang

  5. Did you sneak away to Colorado to take those frosty photos (minus the H20)!!!??? Frozen tail wags + special golden retriever fur,


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