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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

we heart gemma correll - lots more of her and her Gang here & here & here

A dog, I have always said; is prose
a cat is a poem

Jean Burden

It's official - unadulterated cat lady lives here. So ... have you hugged your cat today ? hmmm ?
& yes (sigh) cat's are allowed on the dining room table (sigh) here at 29 Black Street (sigh)
More scenes from their dreary lives here & here & here and here

oh and a cat after thought - hair - hair of the feline persuasion. I get such a kick from etsy sellers who have boldly stated in their policy section - comes from a smoke & pet free home. I get the smoke free, nothing erks me more than trying to sign out an ashtray smelly book from the library & ending up leaving it behind because I couldn't bear to read it - all cigarett-ey. But pet free ?!? if you have any issues with petness please do not order from the Black Street etsy shop 'cause I can guarantee at least 3 cat hairs with every order (my choice) & look out if I happen to be wielding les packing tape gun when the daily parkour trials are happenin'.
Hairy ? Oui ! Oui !!

pour Oliver - his favourite song


  1. ...who on my staff will be peeling my banana today? and will they do it NOW!
    Good luck with that,

  2. Spooky! I was just saying yesterday that I found the pet-free thing rather insulting! And a bit sad. Fancy living without pets!

  3. Forgot to add - of course I have. With some of my cats its an impossibility, but with others it's unavoidable.....

  4. I think you should charge extra for the cat hair.

  5. John ... I have considered it, put it toward our Whiskas Temptations fund

  6. of course, i've hugged my molly-cat today!! as did my hubbie, my son, my daughter, my friend who dropped by....
    she's one loved pussycat :)

  7. Does "chasing" a neighborhood cat count as hugging?

  8. I think "coming from a home with pets" adds unmeasurable value to anything!


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