knots & dreads

Monday, February 13, 2012

hand painted giclee print - painted in pink, neon pink dontcha know, my favourite colour

Worry is a misuse of imagination

Dan Zadra

Shut! Up !! Dan - so, so very true

I've had a knot in my stomach for weeks now. At times it's less knotty than others but it never disappears completely. A mild constant feeling of nagging negativeness, an unclassified, yet to be labeled unsettling sticky goo of dreadish thought(s). The knot speaks to me constantly, in fact she rarely shuts up. When I listen to her I forget to breath, listening to her unending questions makes me feel like I want to give up. I know that's "crazy" talking because I know I don't want to give up. Something's up, something big is bothering me but I'm just not sure what exactly it is. It's about work I do know that ... perhaps it's just growing ... changing pains.

I've developed a new philosophy
I only dread one day at a time

Charlie Brown

& oh yeah, the other best thing about my work - my excellent associate & constant companion


  1. You're never too old for growing pains.

  2. Associate also looks like he is being troubled by minor pains. Or could just be thinking about what a jerk Don Draper is.

  3. I think he's bored mostly. He complains I don't give him enough creative freedom (nor do I pull the stuffed tiny bird tied to the very long string around the house nearly enough). It's a rough life ...

  4. & didn't someone shout Parkour ?


  5. I think you're suffering from the February Shmeckities. An affliction that hits all of us during the darkest coldest month. You should take a gander at all of your beautiful artwork when you feel like that - they would cheer anyone up! :) Also your associate seems wise and I bet, backs me up on this one.

  6. I think the trusty associate is just contemplating life and a famous Kat Quote...if there is such a darn thing!
    tail wags,

  7. Hi Jessica it's a February something yucky that's for sure & thank you for the lovely cheery comment. Hey Moose kinda cool that we were in the same webinar this afternoon.

    Parkour anyone ??
    oh oh, look out ! here comes Oliver

  8. "When I listen to her I forget to breath" love this line! I agree Feb. could be partly to blame. thanks

  9. Hiya Susan - I've been out of the blogosphere for over a week and as usual missed your wisdom and the beauty of your art and photos. Just checking in to let you know you're in my thoughts even if I don't get here every day!! It's really true, you know.

    And as for that damn knot in your stomach, from one who knows the feeling, I say OUT DAMNED KNOT! LOL May we one day discover that we deserve to relax. (I know, I know, that makes the thing even more jumpy. Urgh.)

  10. The Charlie Brown quote made me laugh - only a worrier who is truly trying to reform could appreciate the full extent of that little gem of wisdom.
    When my daughter was little, and I had to explain this unease, knots and dreads to her, which actually surpassed "butterflies" and punctuated days, I tried telling her "it's like having fear fairies in your tummy, flying around in their little black tutus, fat-bottomed, buzzing around like manic bumble-bees bouncing off the walls of your gut". She loved it. We still use the terminology of fear fairies for all sorts of situations, and laugh about it.

  11. I am picturing Parkour at your house being similar to what Rachel describes as "furniture-bombing"!

  12. Pam I LOVE the fear fairies in black tutus !! they live in a condo in my belly xoxox S + Gang


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