johnny cake + chili

Sunday, February 5, 2012

johnny cake, chili & broccoli slaw - last night's dinner

+ Madmen season 4 episodes 4-6 (of 13) that darn Don, he's sinking like a stone

Pretty basic chili recipe except I used ground chicken instead of beef (1/2lb) lots of cumin lots of chili powder added at the saute stage, I mashed up half of my 2 cups of kidney beans to make a thicker chili + added 1 cup frozen corn & two finely diced green onions to my Johnny Cake. The secret with any slaw is to mix it up early so it has time to wilt & marinate & always add sugar ;-)


  1. hey girl, when is the "29 Black Street Cookbook, by Suzanne de Noir" hitting the bookstores?

    just sayin'....

    xo n

  2. I do love to cook n. am thinking of doing a 29 Black Street 2013 calendar with fav photos, quotations & recipes. Stay tuned ;-)

  3. More stomach growling from MA... Looks like a perfect winter dinner.

  4. Got some short rib and okra tamales working over here. Because it finally got cold.

    Love chili and LOVE avocados. They are magic.

  5. tonight it's coconut shrimp* (baked) with steamed broccoli & roasted potato wedges

    * half panko half sweetend coconut dredge with an apricot jam dijon dipping sauce & episodes 7-9 of MadMen ;-)

    Shammy wishin' I could twinkle les nose like Bewitched (a super power I've always craved) & drop in for some tamales - yummy!

  6. The 1 cup of frozen corn is added to the Johnny Cake, not the chilli, right? It looks wonderful and I'd love to make the Johnny Cake happen here Down Under!

  7. Yes Pam, adding the corn (& green onions and/or crumbled bacon would also be delicious - we don't do bacon sadly) to the cornbread making it a very "corny" Johnny Cake xos


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