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Friday, February 3, 2012

gorgeousity from Vancouver based Banquet Atelier - recent purchases pour moi

The funny thing about me, or at least I think it's funny, is that many mornings, especially lately I have very little to say here dans les blog. The thing is - I love blogging, love my blog, love the daily ritual & routine of it - the discipline even of it all. Every now & then the deep, big thoughts do gather together in my mind & spew out here in some rather personal, honest & quite open fashion. Other days, like today, my mind is filled with little bits of randomness, superficiality, the odd kooky thing & the constant thought to remember to breath. Les to-do list doth runneth over, I find myself run-walking while making dinner even, as if it's some timed event ... 30 mins-go !!

A few assorted bits of randomness

• I've been in a reading slump - realizing finally that it was not the fault of the lovely bedside pile of book goodness from the library - but more that my brain was busy doing flip-tee-doos & somersaults (I think a lot to do with this freakin' fantastic course) with such a vengence that I've been unable to concentrate & relax enough to get into a book. Last night I began John Banville's The Sea and am loving it. (2 others waiting off stage seem promising as well - Olive Kitteridge & Everything is Illuminated - where this gorgeous but sad passage came from). A good book at bedtime is as important to my mental health as keeping my early morning journal with coffee - both relaxing, but in completely different ways. I also have the unabridged audio version of The Help to listen to while I work when I'm not snickering along with Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert.
Can you say Republican Presidential Candidate ? Hullo !

• I've become mildly hooked (read obsessed) with new Bravo show (watched on youtube) - It's a Brad, Brad World - the life of a fashion stylist in La la Land, Brad Goreski former Rachel Zoe assistant - h-o-o-k-e-d (sung by a chorus of angels) + he's Canadian. LOVE it & him.

• Have the Mad Men* theme constantly playing in my head. We begin Season 4 ce soir. Oh boy !

• have decided to practice & hone the fine art of Defensive Living (more on that later)

• banana, soy milk, fresh pineapple, coconut extract, greek yogurt smoothies every morning

• grateful & thrilled to pieces that my dance card is so full

happy weekend !!

* if you haven't watched it ... well why not ?? it's good


  1. Thanks for reminding me of the word "kooky". I will use it more often now.

  2. These thoughts are like a sudden burst of dandelion seeds.
    Brad was the only good thing about that silly Zoe show.
    Downton Abby now, Mad Men soon.


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