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Sunday, February 12, 2012

an incredible amount of snow fell through the night, on top of slushy freezing rain - not good !

Winnie & I did our shorter route this early morning. Arriving back to 29 Black to find the Prince shoveling a path for us & our 4th cat Bruce (born in the wild) arriving for breakfast. Some big stuff, big changes ... bubbling away on les back burner here at CE* headquarters. If I seem more quiet than usual it's because my mind is a little on the full side and so many of the billion little thoughts zooming around in my head are still at the "ponders & queries" stage – not at all yet formulated into concrete ideas or action plans. Ponder & query ... then it's on to make + do.

* creative empire


  1. You need a snow man. Or is the snow too wet?

  2. whoa! you guys got WAAAY more snow than use. it was just a few mm of frozen rain and a dusting of the white stuff. woo-hoo! -n

  3. I take back my earlier comment that we seem to always have the same weather. Looks like you got your share of snow and mine.

  4. We thought we had a big dumping of snow here in the UK. This morning most of it has gone! I think it will be a while before you can say the same. I'm curious now as to what plans you are hatching....!

  5. That shovelling looks like hard work. I guess its a way to keep warm. I'd be worried about slipping and sliding with that sort of weather. You certainly know how to do seasons over there!


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