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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thanks Dave - I needed that (+ pink + dots hooray !)

That my friends 'tis les dilemma in a nut shell.

I've gone from oh my whatever will I do with my time ? (now that Number 1 freelance product design customer retired June 2010 & all my work fizzled said she who had all her eggs in one basket ? ya huh ! I did to oh my whatever should I do next so that I can keep on top of all these great opportunities plus keep working toward all those big, huge dreams & goals I have ? bit by bit, small step by small step all the while enjoying myself, remembering to breath ... but it is true I can't do everything. Darn. Something's ... gotta give.

I don't know what yet 'cause truthfully I'm still uncovering & discovering what it is I want to do. What is the thing(s) that really sets my heart a fire (that I could make a good living at) whispered by the chorus of angels. My heart is a blaze most of the time lately & it's not that I'm spending any time doing anything that I absolutely do not like doing (how lucky is that ?) but I feel there are areas of my creative abilities that have been barely tapped into because of a lack of focused, unfettered time & energy. Just having this conversation now & here makes the fire in my belly roar. I consider the beginning of my new business - this true Creative Empire began June 2010 at best friend MLou's house - she suggested that I give it my all for a year & see if I could make a living by the end of that year. If not I'd need to rethink how I would pay the bills. We're nearing June 2012 & I'm happy to say I am (barely) making that living each month and the trend is up & forward & we're (MLou, Doug & I) all in agreement that following my dreams is the way to go.

I've given myself to June 2012 (the 2 year mark) to figure out much more specifically what those dreams entail - this Hello Soul, Hello Business course with Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nicholls continues to be invaluable in helping me ask myself the big questions & figure all this stuff out.

I can do anything !
I can't do everything.
I need to do what I love most.
What is it I love most ?

+ super lovely work from Yellow Button Studio

Yellow Button Studio - Let Her Sleep 8 x 10 print + I Love You to the Moon 8 x 10 print


  1. Do some CE gardening...a little pruning, lots of weeding to give stuff space, fertilize everything and check to see what grows voraciously without your intervention. You'll figure out where to put your efforts. I know you will.

  2. The Big Question. What do we want to do? You'd think that would be easy.

  3. I think my problem Shammy Sham is I want (or think I want) to do too many things. Or maybe that's just been the pattern of years of designer gal for hire - you know Jack of all trades - master of none. I'm at a point in my life where I really want to master & focus on 1 (or 2 or not more than 4 things.

    parcel packing-blue sea glass-ya huh !! kisses from the D girl

  4. you can do a lot though, just not all at once, a step at a time, a project at a time, a bit of flow, a bit of moving forward on one thing, then another and it is amazing how it all comes together.

  5. we run our selves ragged here trying to "do it all" .... note to self, take life lessons from Golden Retrievers.... woof.

  6. I'm 61, retired, and I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.


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