Saturday, February 18, 2012

the limited & muted palette of a Nova Scotia February

more things I realize I'm not* - spontaneous

Spontaneity makes me anxious & I'm learning that especially when it comes to creating new art work I love a plan & truth be told I especially love a really detailed, meticulous & strategic plan - a critical path. I think getting your paints, scissors, ink & glue out & just messin' around with them definitely has it's value - it's like exercise & fitness is to an athlete but come game time you can be sure they have a plan. I'm currently working on a custom banner project for someone - a collage illustration with type. Today I begin the final artwork after initial line drawing thumbnails, then grey scale larger tighter sketches all the while the wheels in my head have been churning thinking about the how & whats of that final art. So it's such a thrill for me to begin that project today knowing precisely the steps that I'll take. I don't know exactly how it will look in the end because the collage element does throw a bit of surprise into the mix - but I do know for sure that I won't be holding my breath while working on it - and that is such a good thing.

All yesterday's art 'though messin' around somewhat was fairly planned, intentional, thought out and that I later realized made the whole process so much more enjoyable ... for me.

* of course I'm not admitting this with any certainty - it's just a hunch I have ;-)


  1. How about addressing the certainty by saying at this moment you don't feel spontaneous. Who knows how you'll feel tomorrow. Maybe you will spontaneously eat a marshmallow witch from the pharmacy treat shelf and it will inspire you to spontaneously create a chocolate coloured artwork.

  2. hiya MLou, all I know is it feels sooo much better when I've mapped out a rough route of where I'm going. I feel so much more relaxed & hence enjoy the process so much more. It felt (yesterday) like such an important ah-ha note to self along my journey discovering & uncovering how I go about making art + learning to create pieces in a pleasurable yet efficient manner. Holding my breath is never good. xo S + Gang

  3. funny thing is that knowing that will free you, a good plan works for ya, so do it

  4. I agree with you. Part of the process is planning for me also. I'm not an artist, but can see creativity in many daily activities. If I'm in control, and have a plan, then there's room for some spontaneity, rather than chaos. That's how it works for me!

    Just love your photography. I'd like to have a little play with kitty in the box!


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