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Saturday, February 4, 2012

scenes from a Nova Scotia January

More quiet here at the teak topped desk. Truth be told I'm a bit overwhelmed, actually a lot overwhelmed. There's talk of an assistant (the Prince) taking over much of the busy business side of my burgeoning creative empire. Hard for me to imagine letting go, letting go of some imaginary knowledge & expertise I've convinced myself only I own, letting go of control, letting go of tired old, clung-to habits. Recognizing that big change is inevitable & needed. I'm spending far too much of my time doing things I'm not good at, things I don't enjoy & things that take me twice as long as they should because of that detachment I have toward them. I feel panicked lately, I'm holding my breath much of the time, a sure sign that somethings up. It's all good stuff goin' on but I'm feeling buried with the details - I'm not good, obviously, with the details.

I'm thinking about taking a March break - a week during the actual school break here March 12-16 (actually 8 days Friday - Friday) to totally reorganize, delete, trash, revamp, systemize, paint (I'm obsessed with having a charcoal grey office avec curtains), ya da ya da ya da. So many things I need to change, I need to simplify. I have to.


  1. Let him help you. You know he's good at it.

    Charcoal grey office? Superb!

    But.... does anyone other than you and Doug live in your village? I don't remember seeing a single living soul.....

  2. He is sooo good at all that stuff. I'm an angst filled control freak & I know it. I couldn't imagine (at this point anyway) allowing anyone else to catch all the stuff that I'm hoping to let go of.

    And yes ... no one else lives in my perfect tiny seaside village world. I walk very early in the morning & not really much of a fan of people & therefore I've never been interested in photographing them. The only exception I can think of is my sweet nearly 7 year old friend who's face is so stunningly perfect I can't help myself.


    spiders, cats, dogs, flowers, ocean much more interesting to me.

  3. The inevitable expansion of The Creative Empire...

    Engulfing, all-consuming, and certain.

  4. Learning to delegate?....I am hear your soul's muscles stretching. It's a toughie and I know you can do it. Like you said in the poem: she let it go. xoxo

  5. Girrrrrrllll, come to your damn senses and Let GO!
    I can't wait for the post Letting Go post with the Why didn't I do this sooner sentiments.

  6. such beautiful beautiful photos in this post!

  7. You do amazing work and are so very talented.. you deserve all the good things that are due you...

    .. my best

    ... But I really understand the letting go part... not easy...

  8. Try it Susan. If it doesn't work, go back to what was. I'm sure you two must be pretty good at negotiation by now, and you'll be relieved to have even more time to create if all goes to plan.
    As my husband says, "Make a decision. If it doesn't work, make another one".
    That philosophy carries through from what to have for dinner, through to changed business arrangements. Have fun. Stunning photos!


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