daunting & me

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

oh my, so very lovely & so very magical - paintings by Mati Rose website + shop

Daunting & me are havin' a showdown at the OK corral. Exact date pending. My goal is to banish Daunting & his kin from these lands. Daunting iphoto (with 35,000 images - ya huh ! & I wonder why I don't do a photo calendar or a photo book). Daunting desk top files (4 years of stuff - big s-l-o-w mo eye roll & again). Daunting desk drawers - full of scraps & bits & drawing pens that don't work anymore. Daunting studio/work space just ain't cuttin' it no more - I need fresh. I need sparse. I need space. I need lightness, dark warm grey walls, curtains, order, new habits, new rituals, magic ....

I am so over you Daunting
Look out, get yourself ready ... 'cause here I come


  1. good work, madame dauntless!

    i feel your pain, believe me. our recent move (and my hectic schedule during) forced me to more or less dump all my years of bits n' pieces/scrappy stuff into various boxes. SOME of which i even know where they are! i dread the job of finding/sorting all that stuff when reckoning day comes....probably a little later this spring...probably!

    bonne chance - xo n

  2. Also, you need cookies. To go with your tea.

  3. Can I book a ringside seat for the big duel? I'll bring a vuvuzela, a box of popcorn and my peter mask.

  4. In the midst of my fight...

    There are boxes and boxes and boxes in my living room, dragged from the depths of my basement {being renovated in the spring into a proper studio}...I have 4 potato mashers, tea pots galore, and lots of junk unearthed so far...

    Thank goodness for friends and thrift store drop off boxes.

    Good luck. The warm grey walls sound wonderful!

  5. I feel your pain - it took me one whole week (and some nights with the laptop kept running) to upload one year of photos to Picasa! Good luck. x


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