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Thursday, March 1, 2012

where it all began - my first really successful dalliance combining cut paper with paint & ink

Never, never, never
give up*

Winston Churchill

A tres rare creative occurrence - when you actually still like something you've made years later. & I do like this one, a lot ! This good things come mixed media piece combining inspirational words, ink, vintage paper & gouache not only set a trend for how & what my work would become but set in motion a series of earth shattering good things in my life which completely changed the direction I was headed. At the time I was drifting on my hot pink rubber raft with the slow leak out into deep, deep water. At the time it sure didn't feel like I believed good things were coming, in fact I didn't see a one of them way out there on the horizon but I've realized over these nearly 5 years (blog time) that I actually do have an indefatigable spirit - who knew ? - an odd combination of at times brazen, a little bit cocky, full of optimism, scaredy catness.

Also this piece got a mention at Poppytalk - fab all things creative Canadian design blog ! a thrill
This gicleé print now available on gorgeous super heavy 400gm textured water colour paper

* lovin' my 5 x7, super thick, coil bound, ruled, creative empire, note keeping book from ecojot


  1. That is a beauty...and the quote is so very true here!!! Been meaning to send this, if you have not checked it out:
    tail wags ~moose

  2. very cool - thanks M + D
    xo S + WD + S(am)


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