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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

super model - I'm a very, very handsome cat ! & athletic, creative, needy, attentive (sheesh !)

Did I mention athletic ? savvy, kind, protective, suavé, diligent, romantic, loyal, tres athletic ...

Cats, cats, cats ... of course, mostly Mr. Photogenic himself, Monsieur life-of-les-Parté Oliver


  1. Has Oliver requested a cushion for the top of the printer? Maybe you could create a cushion-top cover and sell them on etsy. There must be a demand for those.

  2. I see you're balancing the Dog - Cat world to counter Dani's eleventy thousand poodle puppies.

  3. handsome cat. first photo is spectacular.

  4. Photo one of Oliver is stunning. He is really very handsome.

    Close up photo of Bleet - I want to snuffle noses.

    I have 5 beds in my office for 3 cats - that doesn't count the other beds elsewhere in the house. = ^. .^=

    Kitty, USA

  5. What a devine creature. Cats just know don't they?

  6. i love the last one.
    "who, me?"

    xo n

  7. what a beautiful elegant boy!! molly-cat may have found her handsome prince... :) xx

  8. Molly-cat hasn't got a chance. Oliver is Millie's handsome prince!

  9. Yes, go for it + design the 1st "printer cushion"....add a heater and you will be the top seller on Etsy!
    Did you clear the launch with Oliver?
    Tail wags,

  10. One day Oliver will be a famous cat. And he knows it.

  11. Girls, girls, girls no cat fights s'il vous plait. Yes 'tis true Claire & Molly. I am spoken for M. Millie with the black nose is my beloved & betrothed.

    Hey Sybil "can you say Maru?"
    youtube channel, parkour-ing live
    pruning, posing -where will it end ?

    xoxox Susan & Oliver


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