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Friday, March 23, 2012

Another favourite ...

My objectives

to create a simple logo or branding that expresses fairly subtly the handcrafted-ness of what I do (both illustration & typography), keeping the colour palette online (web-site & blogs) quite neutral so as not to compete with my posted artwork or photography. The current deadline is for the branding of 29 Black Street's online presence - new web site, my portfolio blog & this blog.

I've included my existing business card & mailing label on the thumbnails page. You can see they match the current banner of my blog - which was meant to be all about the fact that I was blogging daily form this little village on the coast of Nova Scotia. I was smart in choosing the name 29 Black Street because it's the perfect sub brand of me Susan Black Design but the map imagery - blog banner, etc... has nothing to do really with my handcrafted collage illustration & typography which is the business (the creative empire) I aim to build. Hope this is interesting.

Thanks Sara ! - I will be using more vibrant colours with my business card & mailing labels, etc,
those more stand alone items won't have to conflict with my artwork or photography. I'll be pondering these options for a few more days ... & then I'll probably ponder it all some more ;-)

Happy Weekend !


  1. Love those with the black cat.

  2. Black cat/flower.

    Or do the Libra thaing and just don't decide. Rotate 'em! LOL

  3. hey there! I like the logo in the circle of the flower, and although the cat is very dear, I think it may be too cute... Making Space had a good idea to have more than one (business card, for example) and just pick at random which you use at any time. What a fun and overwhelming project!!!! can't wait to see what you finally decide on.


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