Friday, March 2, 2012

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imagination + belief = manifestation

Sometimes I wish I were a writer. Today is one of those times. Today is one of those days that I feel I have a lot to say and what I'd like to say, to tell you here are big, profound secrets. Secrets I want to share because I know that someone reading these paragraphs might feel relief, they might feel a little hope, a little courage.

Yesterday I mentioned my indefatigable spirit. Today I show a picture of my 10 year old self
that sits on my desk in a sweet tiny red frame. I love that photo - I look so happy, so serene & carefree. My hair is messy because I just came in from playing soccer - we obviously forgot it was school photo day, we never did get into that all-dolled-up school photo thing in my house - we liked candid. We still do. When I look at that 10 year old girl I realize I am the same person, I've always wanted the same things - of course your adult self fine tunes & polishes those childhood dreams & goals & personality traits.

Even in my darkest hours & trust me - Darkness & me were best friends for a very long time. We'd stroke each others ego, we'd thrill with our fears, congratulate each other in our truths & knowledge - in our facts. But even in those sad & lonely days I always had a plan, an imaginary plan, and always in minute & meticulous detail ... & for every thing. For my job, for my life, for my yard & garden, for how I wanted to feel, for who I wanted in my life, for the renovations of my house, room by room, closet & built - in by bookcase. Sitting inside me always, snuggled up to Darkness were Hope & Belief. Hope & Belief kept my imagination alive, though much of that time I would've bet my bottom dollar that they were gone, I realize now as all those plans & dreams & goals & hopes come to life around me daily that they were, always, very much alive.

I think if only I'd been aware of their power - that darn Hope & Belief ... maybe I always did believe. I know I do now - I'm a true believer. Dream big, dream crazy, dream detailed. DREAM.

desire, ask, believe, receive

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  1. So....we don't use the pictorial dictionary much do we?

    I bet you were a good soccer player.

  2. Shammy Sham in 6th grade I was the consummate Tom Boy - completely smitten with all things "not" girly.

    I do love my pictorial dictionary but forget about it

  3. I love that photo of the 10 year old, the red sweater then and in the top right of your blog now.

  4. thanks John
    xo & happy weekend

  5. we had the same hair style! I like those stunning business cards laying out there... woof. ~moose

  6. I love the dictionary as monitor stand. Mine is a copy (that looks to be about the same vintage) of Will Durant's "Our Oriental Heritage". A little thicker, and gives your Mac that antique book smell! xo n

  7. look at you sporty! I love that photo - and you productive nature. damn I wish i could produce this much work in a day. grrrrrrrrr.

  8. Love that photo of your beautiful 10 yr old self!!! LOVE IT! Love this blog!!!


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