Thursday, March 8, 2012

another card design for American Greetings submitted ages ago see it here on their site

The creative brief sent to me was to come up with a birthday card for her, based on my best selling (dontcha know) print available always ;-) in my etsy shop. I came up with text + design.

American greetings: Please make it very pink !
Moi: (chuckling to myself) oh my ... I'll see what I can do

But (sad face) the design has changed quite considerable in their final version. C'est la Vie in Designer Land - this kinda stuff happens. I'm sure that they know their market and for some reason decided that pinkest wasn't the way to go. Of course I like the pinkest one best - natch :-)


  1. it's a funny thing ..
    this pink thing
    I cannot explain it
    xo S + Gang

  2. me too Rach ... but I'm sure they had their reasons ?

  3. wow...ireally LOVE it! so happy and uplifting...thanks, I am having a giveaway at my blog, take a look

    have a happy day!! beth

  4. Happy International Women's Day!
    Susan, I'm not a comments person, but wanted to let you know that I always take a peek at your blog and love reading your postings. Have a lovely day. Maria in Portugal

  5.'s a good thing!
    woof. ~moose

  6. oh...did you see all the pink "stuff" on the UpperCase Blog???

  7. Wonderful colours. I am just about to get my sofa recovered in very flamboyant pink stripes. Also thought you would enjoy this if you havent seen it.

    (hope the link works)

  8. Your rendering is WAAAY BETTER!!! Love all the pink! Keep on keeping on, Susan! YOU ROCK!!!


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