oh no, nojo

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I take too many photos, I take too many photos ... another assortment 15 more from this week

Mojo is the positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside. To help understand mojo, contemplate the opposite nojo.

You need a firm handle on your identity to understand why you gain - or lose - mojo. The issue is not how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself. To alter behaviour, we often need to change our identity - our self-perception. Keepin' on, keepin'on

Marshall Goldsmith from his book Mojo

Oh no, it's nojo ! (with dramatic spooky organ music playing in the background)

Yes I've misplaced my darn mojo ... again. & of course she always leaves at the most inopportune moments & even though I know in my heart she always comes back - it still freaks me out a little, that niggling* small seed of doubt that maybe, just maybe, this is the time she won't be back. I was just saying to the Prince last night, who so patiently listens to my nojo-mojo-woes, that when this dark & stormy mood sweeps over me it is all about confidence & about how I view myself. Changing one's perception of oneself ... wow ... I think I'll file that one under daunting as well.

*niggling - a new favourite & slightly overused word ;-) Have you noticed ?


  1. I've been watching my kids, especially my one daughter who really loves to take photos and seems to have an eye for it. And I don't think it's possible to take too many. It's a way of seeing the world. I notice it opens her eyes to so many things. Click away!

    My therapist says all feelings pass. Even the really crappy ones. May it be so. And may snowy doggies and beautiful teacups rule your day.

  2. Too many photos?! That's just crazy talk!

    I love the ones of Winnie braving the elements - she's such a trouper.

    The first shot reminded me of this clever cover illustration for Nabokov's "Lolita".


    Some of the others in the list are quite good, too.

  3. I think winnie looks slighty pissed...who wouldn't be cheezed off at a snow squall in March.

    Let your creative stuff flow. It's like water in a stream sometimes it pools in a low spot and then it overflows in a rush through the narrows. During the drought, trust that the rain will come...always works in the African Wildlife documentaries so it must be true.

  4. Me too...

    Nojo to speak of...

    Heh, Winnie does look "pissed".

    Hang in there. There are blooms just around the bend! Pink Ones!

    xo to you all.

  5. ya know Winnie likely is a bit pissed - she's not a fan of precipitation - of any kind. Mama wanted to take pictures of the last big snowiness ;-)

  6. I agree with the others -- you can't take too many photos.

    As for your mojo -- did you look behind the couch ?

  7. omg n. that Lolita cover

    swoon - now that is amazing graphic design - thanks ! xo s

  8. moose is feeling winnie's pain!!! too funny... check out his post on "stay calm" (you may have also seen it on Uppercase). Yes, one can NEVER take too many photos ...mom's new class for April is:
    Tail wags + happy snapping.

  9. Hey Moose - just checked out that photo course & it sounds great. My 2 spring semester courses are Creative Courage with Stephanie Levy & Illustrator 101 @ Nicoles Classes




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