Monday, March 5, 2012

what a great question ... I'd love to hear - what is your own super power?

Early on, actually the first week I think, of this amazing creative business course that I'm taking Hello Soul, Hello Business - we were given many worksheets & questionnaires to fill out - the answers to these questions aiming to help us better understand the soul of our business, the soul of our lives. The last question on one particular worksheet was ...

what is your super power ?

I thought about it a lot and came up with two possible answers fairly quickly 1). resilience & 2). curiosity. Later that day over dinner hour chatting with the Prince I decided to ask him what he thought his own super power was & also what he thought mine would be. It's interesting to ask yourself the question and then ask someone who knows you really well. Chances are the answers may be different - our own perceptions of our strengths compared to the perceptions of those who know & love us. In our case they were both very different.

The Prince said his super power was multi-dexterity, that he is a protean man, rubber man - adaptable & skilled at many, many things. True enough & I can't argue with that (you will find me clapping often in the bowels of 29 Black Street, clapping - applauding enthusiastically over his most recent spectacular home reno or mechanical feat) - clap, clap, clap ! I told him I thought his super power was sensitivity - he fell on the floor (kidding) but that is not at all how he sees himself. I see it, it's the quality that made him the one in my eyes & heart.

My super power according to me - a toss up between curiosity & resilience (get yourself back up in that saddle girlfriend ... & let's go). The prince after thinking for a few minutes said he thought my super power was caring - with wrinkled, furrowed brow & tres inquisitive face I replied huh ?? me ?? please explain. He said you can't do anything without "care", you can't go for a blissful walk without always being on the look out, spider senses tingling, all senses tingling for that matter - wait did I hear a meow, a speeding driver nearing, a dog in distress. According to him I apply care to everything & all that I do or think. hmmppfff, Oh ... do you think that's really a super power ? Isn't that more of a neurosis ?? Super power. Super vigilant. It's true ! ;-)

what is your super power ? then ask someone close to you what they think.

Josh Ritter
- beautiful music


  1. "Super vigilante", eh? I don't think you need that E in vigilante. hm. xo n

  2. Super power.... that's a hard one. Not sure I could claim more than a minor strength, really!

  3. I'm with Rachel, not sure I have super power.

  4. no super power here! well...maybe in procrastination + not proud of it!!!
    Thanks for including a JR song today.

  5. Hey you guys - "everyone" has a super power - that's part of the whole exercise the uncovering or discovery it. Often it's the yin to your yang - ya know how your worst trait also can be your biggest asset. Common you guys Super Powers please ? xos

  6. Mine: reconfiguring my senses (a line from a song by Jason Robert Brown titled "I Can Do Better Than That").

  7. MS that sure sounds like a great super power to have ! xos + gang


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