eggs & turtlenecks

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Missy D posing early this morning - we're back to grey & white & winter for a few days

10 everyday loves (cats, dogs & certain humans of course always sit at the top of this list)

1. eggs current fav softly poached on a toasted English muffin, S & P with a smidge of butter
2. coffee in bed every single morning of my life. period. very lingering, coffee in bed
3. keeping a journal (with my early morning coffee in bed), keeping my sanity
4. the library - the library, the library - movies, audio books, magazines & books galore
5. my blog - I am often left breathless at the beauty I've captured here ... & so unintentionally
6. the internet - it's Captain Curious' most best loved ally
7. turtlenecks - rolled up high over my chin - part security blanket / part neck warmer
8. nature* - I know it's a big one - but I am daily in awe of it all, everywhere, we are so lucky
9. the nest - my bed, the chocolate brown room, sill filled with geraniums in bloom - my haven
10. chocolate chips & mini marshmallows - a petite custard cup full, an every evening treat

this post prompted by Rachel from Jane - play along too if you like.

* simply stunning - original source unknown found on Geninne's Pinterest board

one more thing 1. dislike ... actually dislike is too mild a word. It's more of a rant, a rave, dare I say a hate - a plea .... please fellow bloggers, I beg of of you .... remove the word verification from your comment sections. Eerrgggghhhh. You are deterring commenters - I guarantee it. I've never had word verification applied to my blog in nearly 5 years & all spam goes to it's proper spam folder & I never see it. I've never had a problem with spam. Please consider.


  1. ahhh...winter in always has a special feeling. LOVE the loves. tail wags + turtlenecks for a great day. ~moose

  2. Eggs are a wondrous thing. Especially with bacon. I shall leave the coffee and your nest to you. I have a rough culinary journal...does that count? Libraries, your blog and the internet Rock my world. I think I feel about hats the way you feel about turtlenecks. Nature, thrills me and sometimes scares the shit out of me.

  3. my favourite - poached egg on a buttered english muffin, with smoked salmon and a little lemon mayo and salad on the side... *sigh*
    and i am sooooo with you on the verification thing - blogger's getting even worse - i can't make most of them out, and just give up!!!
    gorgeous photos and a great top 10 :)

  4. tail wags + eggs are wondrous things & yes culinary journals count - big time xos

  5. Hi! A few things:

    1. I love the idea of posting about 10 everyday loves! Might have to do that! Yours sound so lovely.

    2. I hear you on the word verification!

    3. Your rainer maria rilke post from the other day inspired my post today. Thank you!

  6. I love Winnie; you are so lucky to smooch that sweet face every day!

    I agree with you on the word verification thing...sometimes I think my sight is failing me! Infuriating!

    Love the LIST!!!

  7. Oh my that is the most stunning bird. I almost can't believe it is real!

    I am totally with you on Word Verification!!!!!

  8. Gosh, I miss wearing turtlenecks. Haven't worn one in 10 years, thanks to hot flashes !

    Is there any way I can subscribe to your posts and get notifications via email ? I have to check Google Reader, otherwise don't know when there is a new posts.

    I hear your pain on the captcha words ...


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