the last ice

Monday, March 26, 2012

last Saturday - warm air, a light breeze, a cloudless bluest sky & the end of the harbour's ice

Gearing up for my new & tres exciting 29 Black Street web site, rebranded blog + portfolio blog
Working on a fabulous new jewellery design project.
Beginning final colour collage illustration of new challenging & thrilling custom banner design !
Listening to CBC & audio books - Steve Jobs biography & Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food
Also listening/watching America's Top Model cycle 18 + Fashion Star
Had a long, fantastic chat with my own personal genius bar & IT specialist - my nephew Mike

Another busy, happy & content week here at CE* headquarters - the hoppin' teak topped desk

* Creative Empire


  1. And Mad Men started up again last night.

  2. we can't wait for season 5 on DVD. I miss Roger & Joanie & Campbell

  3. Au revoir ice, hello purty flars!!!

    Happy empire creating!

  4. The first crow on the ice shot is surreal. Love it. Can't wait for the new branding launch.

  5. I'm starting to think I should buy a new outfit before I visit your "new" Blog. ;-)

  6. So looking forward to the launch, how exciting... my tail is a waggin'!


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