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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

omg, an aha moment, knock me over with a feather, relief inducing, perhaps life changing ...

quotation found here at the Greater Good Science Centre* - The Science of a Meaningful Life

I am a bit of a seeker, there's no doubt about it.

After all my self proclaimed super power is Curiosity. It happens often that someone will ask me How do you know about that ? I answer always I know that 'cause I'm an information junkie. I have many, many paths of inquiry & one constant biggie is trying to make sense of (& peace with) my emotional and spiritual health & well being. I was Sad. I mean very sad - it was who I was. Sadness was me. It completely filled me. That was only 4 years ago. Now every thing has changed I rarely feel sad these days & that is an amazing, fascinating transformation. Like many transformations it happened so slowly over time I didn't really realize it was happening & now that I'm here on the distant shores of UnSad - I'm so interested in how exactly I arrived here ?

* absolutely tons of goodness here


  1. Still thinking about my possible super power and still smacking the empty button.

    Mostly I'm glad you're not sad (for the most part) anymore.

  2. I know you have many, many super powers Shammy - one of them is modesty xoxo me too glad I'm not sad anymore (not the big Sad anyway) lots of little sads but only when I step out into the real world & leave the comfort of our climate controlled wee blissful bubble here at 29 Black Street - woof to Action from S & W xo from me

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