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Saturday, March 3, 2012

handsome sam/kitten love/more winter/oh boy a food processor/oui the bathroom was pink

Tolerance is nothing more than patience with boundaries.

Shannon L. Alder

creating boundaries & letting go of expectations

cautiously erecting boundaries, learning it's OK to have them & taking the time to maintain them
trying so hard to not have such lofty expectations (disappointment - the perfectionist's lament)

it's daunting stuff at the best of times

Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations & small needs

William Howard Stein

* oh boy Kitchen Aid food processor on SALE half price - whrrrrr, pulse, pulse, pulse ;-)


  1. Glad to see you're keeping busy. Winter is a good time for house painting ...

  2. Look who got herself a food processor - yay!!
    Have fun, and don't wear it out in the first week - tee hee!
    xo n

  3. i just love your beautiful kitties *sigh*
    i'm sure your canine friends are lovely, but i'm a real kitty girl... :)
    love the quotes - esp. the last one x

  4. Blimey, it was pink, wasn't it!

    Two curled up tabbies....sigh.....

  5. You are going to LOVE that Kitchen Aid.

  6. In my defense a la Pepto Bismal pink (although I will confess to loving that particular colour in my creative adventures & endeavours & will willingly admit that perhaps it's not the most ideal colour pour les home decor) - that was the result of Frugal Girl not wanting to waste half a gallon of very red paint so she mixed it with primer and voila - bubblegum bathroom - the Prince cannot wait to cover it.

  7. Shammy - first up hummus, then falafels ... pulse, whrrrrrr, pulse. I cannot believe that I have existed this long without one. Mine is Black & I love her already xos

  8. A FOOD PROCESSOR!!!! Looks like one of your dreams has already come true!!!

  9. soups...autumn harvest soup...carrot with curry,,, cream of anything, yum


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