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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

more cat stuff - ya huh !! Every Thing Reminds Me of My Cat - 8 x 10 giclee print available here

Thank you to Andrea from fabulous Halifax tres cool shop Inkwell (& stockist of 29 Black Street wares) for this fabulous idea. Crazy about dogs ... crazy about cats ... spiders, birds, sharks .....


  1. LOVE it!! you can also do a series... cat woman, cat girl, madame cat,
    La donna .... ha, ha, ha
    more doggie stuff... tail wags, ~moose

  2. love the mouse face and the words cat & rat. I always look for those little details.

  3. thanks BH - & I always try to include those little details for people just like YOU. woof Moose !

  4. I saw this on your Pinterest board and had to pop over and say WOOT!

  5. Even Dani's puppies? (Ten at last count)


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