cat lady + a bit of process

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And one more change ... bear with me, I didn't like those big eyes - this is more "me" ;-)

Cat Lady - 8x10 giclee print of original mixed media collage available here

Who am I kidding ?

Are you a cat lady ?
I know I am ... there's no doubt about it !!

& of course, dog lady also - big time

Bottom illustration is the actual finished collage I wasn't really happy with the painted kraft background so in Photoshop I painstakingly removed it all (hence the late blog post). I like the white background better ... your thoughts ?? Then ... later stewing & brewing, Miss Picky Picky the eyes were bothering me so I made them small & cuter (I think). Top image is the final winner. Thanks for all the comments, votes & opinions. I know there are many cat ladies here.


  1. I like both. I have a daughter who would love this one...

  2. Good morning!! Adore these, Susan. Love the little hearts sprinkled about and the polka dots. :) And I actually like them both!!

    Hugs to you and the furry gang.

  3. Thanks MS & Spohia !

    Cat Ladies of the world unite I say & there's nothin' crazy about that.

  4. I knew you would ... (snort) at least it's not Squirrel Lady xos

  5. I like both.
    The second posting is clean and white but alas the first posting is a bit more rustic and lived in which I would imagine a cat lady's house would be - non?
    Kitty, USA and the gang of 3
    = ^. .^=

  6. i confess i always like a rougher, more rustic look, so i like the original best!! and yes, i'm certainly a cat lady :)

  7. I was so crazy about the kitties that I didn't even notice the difference at first. I love it! If I had to choose, I would go with the white. I love those kitties!

  8. Thanks Kitty ;-)Judy & Claire ! The top one is the one I've decided to make giclee prints of.

  9. hey, what about the cat fellas? we're crazy too!
    xo n

  10. comin' right up n. stayed tuned for somethin' for the cat fellas later this week.

  11. Are you familiar with "Simon's Cat"? They're these hilarious animated shorts - 2 or 3 mins long each - about a man and his cat(s). Try googling "Simon's Cat - Cat Man Do". Enjoy! - n

  12. I do n. MLou put me on to the youtube videos - tres funny & tres true xos

  13. I do like the first image best -- but I love them all. You have such talent !

    With an email address of "crittersnus" you know I'm a pet/cat person.

  14. I love it!
    I love that you "see" something isn't right...And work at making it purr~fect. Heh. I like seeing your process...

    Well done Susan.

    {posting to you for it! ;) }

  15. I like things a bit messy so my preference is for the brushy background. Good call on the change to the cuter eyes.


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