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Monday, March 19, 2012

Graphic design pure brilliance - book cover by Jamie Keenan & more Lolita covers here

This is the kind of simplistic design genius that makes us graphic designers ooh & ahhh & swoon & secretly flush with pure envy. So smart, so simple, so perfectly bang on. Thanks n. for the link.

No mojo, nojo, woes or thoughts there of today. I've put things on cruise control & I'm gonna groove on through this week's to-do list best I can while listening to more Pema Chodron (my new guru she's so sweet & funny live) interspersed with occasional episodes of The Daily Show

On Pinning & crediting the source. There has been some recent controversy regarding the ethics & morals behind Pinterest, serious issues of copyright & ownership which when I first heard about them I did cry out loud here at the TTD* Oh No !! 'cause I sure do LOVE ma Pinterest, it is the answer to my prayers. The prayers I never could quite seem to articulate. I used to save jpg images of inspiration to my desk top & then I'd never know where they came from or who the artist was who created each inspiring piece. What's the point in that ?

Not to mention the amazing free advertising & marketing Pinterest is giving me & my own blooming creative empire as people all over the world Pin my things with links back to this blog or my portfolio blog. Now that's a very good thing. As the hub bub of Pinterest controversy dust settles I look to my mentors & leaders the who's who of the design/creative blog world & none of them have stopped Pinning. Phew !! I say. But ... New rule - please instead of trying to come up with some cute catch phrase to write underneath your new Pin - cool craft for the kids, too sweet birds, etc...

Pin the source.
The artist & where you found it ie Susan Black - Come across a Pin you want to Repin & there is no source use this fantastic google image search. Thank you graphics-fairy for this useful link & I'm gonna keep on Pinning & always with credit.

* TTD - Teak Topped Desk

Click HERE to for instructions to find the source an image or Pin


  1. Aha. Source searching. Will do.

    You're killing me, KILLING me, with your jewelry pins on Pinterest Susan. I have to get rid of my Sundance jewelry catalog immediately when it comes in the mail, because otherwise I can't get anything else done for looking at all the jewelry. And now I'm following you on Pinterest and THERE IT IS AGAIN. Argh! LOL

  2. Oh I am pining for pinning! Did you read anything about the 'image storage for profit' thing? Love to hear if that got resolved too.

  3. As I mentioned Claire I'm looking to the rest of the creative blog world for my "stand taking" on this issue. I feel confident that if blogs like Poppytalk, Design Sponge, Oh Joy ...the list goes on & on - are all on board with Ben Silbermann & Pinterest than I am too (& thankfully). And Ben was chosen to be the keynote speaker in January at Alt. Summit "the' biggest conference of this creative online world & received a standing ovation at the end - he seems to me like a really good guy ?!?

    Listen to his keynote address here.


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