bears repeating

Thursday, March 15, 2012

pinkest peonies - high up there on the top 10 list of flowers from the terracotta gardens

Be patient with all that is unsolved in your heart ...
Love the questions themselves

Sigh. But I have so many questions
gorgeous perfect words mentioned recently here then here & bears repeating yet again.

Working on an absolutely thrilling, super challenging, custom banner illustration project - oh my the first line drawing is complete (we LOVE it - client & moi) now if only I can turn this line drawing into the rich, detailed amazing collage/painting illustration that I have so beautifully & vividly imagined in my mind. ahhhh ... the thrill of a little heart pounding breathlessness.

Listening to the audio book with Pema Chodron - Don't Bite the Hook She's so cool ! Back to it !


  1. Great for where I am today, thank you Susan.

  2. Hey MS tried to leave a comment yesterday about your sweetie's gorgeous florals !! asking me to log in ?!? I'll try again. xos

  3. Hey girl! Thx for the blast of colour to liven up this chilly, dreary day. And thx for sending the snow this way - March break playdate at your friend's house is a lot more fun with "pack-y" snowman snow! Hope you guys've dug out by now. xo n

  4. You are very wise Obi Wan ... ;-)

  5. I had to come back for some Hot Pink Friday goodness.

  6. SO glad you posted this quote again. I started to feel stressed today, worrying about the future and what it will bring, and worrying about right now. And then I read this post and breathed a deep sigh.

    Thank you!


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