stage fright

Friday, March 16, 2012

the only possible compliment to a gorgeous bouquet of pink peonies ... Oliver the best cat, ever

More pink & more perfect peonies.

I have three whole days ahead of me of freed up "me" creative time, free to create my own stuff, to make new things, to draw, to paint, to clip & snip, to glue. I'm caught up and on schedule with several ongoing freelance jobs. I've been waiting for this day, finally ... this open creative time.

It's my own stage I'm about to walk onto. The audience is huge, discerning & filled with critics. And I'm terrified, my mind keeps searching for little useless to-dos & should do's to prolong the actual act of diving in. Procrastination cozies up with fear. It's silly, it's strange, it happens always this way ... it never, ever, seems to go away. I have stage fright yet again while playing the leading role in my own production Les Lands of Creativity. Stay tuned for Act II ;-)


  1. But isn't like diving into a big pool of color?

  2. but which colour ??

    no ... it's a feeling of dread panic which continues well into the actual "action" part.

  3. Color and the Brain (not to be confused with Pinky and The Brain) While the mechanisms of color vision at the level of the retina are well-described in terms of tristimulus values, color processing after that point is organized differently. A dominant theory of color vision proposes that color information is transmitted out of the eye by three opponent processes, or opponent channels, each constructed from the raw output of the cones: a red-green channel, a blue-yellow channel and a black-white "luminance" channel. This theory has been supported by neurobiology, and accounts for the structure of our subjective color experience. Specifically, it explains why we cannot perceive a "reddish green" or "yellowish blue," and it predicts the color wheel: it is the collection of colors for which at least one of the two color channels measures a value at one of its extremes.
    The exact nature of color perception beyond the processing already described, and indeed the status of color as a feature of the perceived world or rather as a feature of our perception of the world, is a matter of complex and continuing philosophical dispute.


  4. pink

    pink, pink, pink
    coral, blush, magenta

    or ... is it rose
    (a la coloured glasses)


  5. Oh Susan! Just begin doodling and slip in the back door...before you know it you will be well into the second act!!! Adore you, my most amazing and creative Canadian friend!

    And I am WEAK for those peonies and Oliver together!!!

  6. I completely understand what you're saying. You are not alone :)

  7. Delay. The deadliest form of denial.

    Close your eyes, hold your nose and jump into the pond. I know you will come smiling. I'm looking forward to seeing the new work!

  8. Love the pink!

    Don't let your 'me' time slip away. I too squander mine and then resent myself for it.

    Close your eyes, what do you see, what color? Pick that and just start.

    Again, don't squander it, not a minute of it. It is yours to use or lose. Pick a color, pick a color, piiiicckkk aaaa colllllloooor (hypnosis here) ;)

    Kitty, USA

  9. I'm leaning in close to the screen to get a whiff of those peonies.

    All will be well ...

  10. come on Act II ... how exciting! Ahhh... love the Peonies. Tail wags,

  11. Good god Shamy. That article had me whimpering in the corner and not believing it was really the color I thought it was.

    So, Susan, get with it. You have a creative empire to build, and a world to convince that color really exists.

    Seriously, have fun, and I look forward to the next installment.


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