Saturday, March 31, 2012

15 recent foody shots from a few lunches & dinners & snacks here at 29 Black Street

It's no secret that I L-O-V-E to cook and I especially love trying to put a heart healthy spin on some traditional favourites. This post is especially for John, who always seems to get cooking inspiration from my food shots. A blog of your own perhaps ... John ?

the best oranges on sale 2 for 1/roasted salmon & potato wedges/Thai rice noodle salad/ dog cookies natch/that pumpkin pie with chocolate chips/tons o' veggie stir fry prep/baked chicken Parmesan with chunky vegetable marinara & Caesar salad/salmon ready for the 425 roastin' oven/grilled cheese on multi-grain bread/we eat a whole lot of fruit/cabbage rolls with ground chicken/canned salmon & rice pie/gourmet (uh huh!) tofu dogs/tuna salad lunch with dessert


  1. Thanks Susan!

    They say photographing food so that it appears appetizing is difficult, but clearly you have mastered that.

    (Chicken parm and salmon now on next week's menu. I'm easily influenced.)

  2. Hey John ! & how about that blog of your own - we sure would like to meet you (virtually that is) ;-)

    The salmon with roasted garlicky potato wedges is on our top 10 list.

    Baked Chicken Parmesan - dip chicken in flour, then egg (or egg beaters), then into a mixture of equal parts parm cheese & panko crumbs a little lemon zest optional.

    Place on oiled cookie sheet & bake at 425 5-12 mins (turning once for equal crispiness) Serve topped with marinara & more grated parm - yummy

  3. Beautiful and mouth-watering. I could almost pick them off the page . . .

  4. happy weekend!

    try finding some of the grated/ground dulse that some people make around these parts. it's THE BEST on oven-roasted potatoes! we use it instead of salt.
    upcoming regiononal fave: fiddleheads! with the abovementioned potatoes and maple marinade pork tenderloin.
    making myself hungry now! xo n

  5. And now I am so hungry ;) It all looks delicious!

  6. oooh scrummy!! can i come for lunch?? though i'll pass on the pumpkin pie - i've never developed a taste for it, even after several thanksgiving dinners in the US :) xx

  7. You make me sincerely wish that I liked cooking more than I do. What yummy concoctions !


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