Monday, March 8, 2010

the beautiful brown velvet hound and tres bratty baby sister of Miss Winnie Dixon & Piper Belle

From yesterday afternoon's big walk in the hayfield behind the cowboy's house. Plenty of blue skies & big sunshine all weekend long ... Spring (& big happy love) is most definitely in the air.


  1. paws,paws ...rrrrrrrrrrr....bow..

  2. She has the most expressive little face! Love that little brown hound! Have a wonderful week, Susan and all the gang.

  3. It's the eyes, intense eager eyes.

  4. Your landscapes look expansive Susan, especially that last photo. It's something I miss with inner city living and makes me appreciate a vast landscape so much more when I'm in it. Spending my life with dear animals is also something that I have had to do without, due to lease arrangements, but it is a delight to visit here and catch up with the gang.I can almost feel, hear and see the texture and character of your wonderful furry family, thanks to the exquisite quality of your photographs.


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